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The Difference Makers in Compliance

Compliance Services

SafetyPro Consulting LLC offers a wide range of regulatory compliance and consulting services that tailored to meet the clients’ individual needs. It is our flexibility that makes us easy to work with. Our staff in Redford, Michigan is experienced in the transportation industry, so we can address your needs from your perspective.

We can use our scale and expertise to provide you with the benefits and resources of a safety and compliance department. Moreover, we can do so in a way that is cost-effective and scalable to your business. Safety and compliance need not compromise the effectiveness and profitability of your fleet.

Services Offered:

  • DOT Compliance
  • Safety Manual / Policies Preparation
  • CSA Training, Auditing, and Consulting
  • Driver Qualification Files – Set Up and Audits
  • Accidents Reviews and Investigations

What to Expect

Regulations require specific information, documentation, and periodic updates to assure that each commercial driver, vehicle, and motor carrier procedures are compliant with the DOT regulations. There are several primary areas of compliance included in these services: Driver Qualification, Equipment Maintenance, Hours of Service, Accidents, Drug/Alcohol Testing, Vehicle Inspections and Administrative Procedures/Policies.

SafetyPro Consulting LLC has available driver qualification files online and can set your company up with online application. Vehicle maintenance is also available online.

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